Answers to your questions


Once an order/cake has been picked up by you or a designated party, it is considered “Accepted.”  All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our shop.  Refunds requested due to decorating style, color or general decoration design will not be honored.

Custom Cakes

Due to the tedious, handcrafted nature of our products, we are unable to provide refunds for custom cakes, custom cake pops, cupcakes and cookies.  Once your custom cake has been picked up by your or a designated party, it is considered “accepted.”  In some instances, you may bring the cake back in for design adjustments, but there will be an additional charge if the cake has been “accepted.”

Cake Flavor and Texture

We take pride in our desserts and our cakes.  If you are unhappy with your order, immediately notify us (within 24 hour of pick up) of your concern and return your dessert to us.  Cake flavor and texture are subjective.  Refunds requested due to flavor and/or texture after the cake has been accepted and picked up will not be honored.  Please keep in mind that our cakes are tasted daily to insure the highest possible quality.  Please call or email us promptly to let us know of the issue.

Factors Beyond Our Control

Our cakes are exceptionally moist.  Please know that temperature, humidity, wind, cold, may impact the flavor, overall design and texture of the cake to some degree.  Please understand that we cannot control changes in texture of changes in color or shape due to weather conditions.

Outside Events

Any cake placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat and humidity.  We are not liable for a cake once it has been delivered or picked up.  Once the cake is picked up or delivered, the customer is responsible for keeping the cake at the proper temperature.

No Call, No Show

If you do not pick up your order, Oh So Sweet will not issue a refund, regardless of the circumstances.  We will be happy to remake the product for you for a different time if you need it, however you will have to pay for both.  We cannot refund any product that is abandoned by the customer.


We do offer delivery on all of our cakes. The cost of deliver for a cake is 50cents/mile between the event and the bakery.   The minimum delivery fee is $30.

Pick Up

If you choose to pick up your cake and transport it yourself, we are not liable or responsible for the cake once it has left the bakery.  We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set up or any time thereafter.  Please refer to instructions below on how to travel with cakes.

You should prepare your vehicle so it’s clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake.  Please make sure your car is already cool.  We will do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please know that cakes are very fragile and can break easily.  If the cake is not handled properly, cracks, smudges and melted frosting may occur.  Oh So Sweet will not be held responsible for damages that occur to mishandled or stored incorrectly.


We use real butter in our buttercream at Oh So Sweet.  Because of this, all cakes that are not eaten with two hours of pick up need to be refrigerated.  Oh So Sweet will not be responsible for melted cakes or frosting , or any other damage that is due to being store incorrectly.

If your cake is not going to be served soon upon pick up, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the cake be refrigerated to keep the cake from having any issues and coming apart.


Changes and cancellations to cake, cupcake, and cookie orders are accepted 4 days prior to scheduled pick up time. No refunds will be provided for orders that are cancelled with less than 3 days’ notice.

Fondant custom cakes require at least one week’s notice if changes need to be made to the cake.  You will be required to pay the full amount if the order is cancelled with less notice.

Store Credit/Refunds

You may qualify for a percentage of store credit if the product is brought back to us within 24 hours of pick up date, and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined not to meet our standards. Quality of the cake is the sold determination of Oh So Sweet bakery .

All refunds will be provided as a gift certificate to Oh So Sweet to be used towards future purchases.  Gift certificates will be issued within five business days upon receipt of the returned merchandise.

Oh So Sweet cannot issue refunds for cakes that have been eaten.

Store credit percentages are based on how quickly the cake was returned, how much has been eaten, and what we determine the quality to be.

Store credits of any kind will not be issued to customers who do not contact us within 24 hours of pick up.